"How is individual liberty best preserved?"

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Take the “Road less Traveled”  in life and be proactive.

"How can knowledge of the past be used as a tool for success and self defense in the present?"
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Writing Thesis Statements

"The Graduation Project"
KJZZ - NPR Phoenix

September 16, 2005

Walter E. Williams
of George Mason University
Prof. Williams is the preeminent scholar on the connection of economics to liberty and constitutionalism.
The source of this class' ideas

WEW Studied in class

The best U.S. Supreme Court site.

Law Buzz
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Common Errors in English
An Incredible List

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World History and Geography

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9 On Your Side Investigates: Nogales Mayor lives the high life
From Chicago to Mexico City, Nogales Mayor Octavio Garcia-Von Borstel found plenty of uses for the city's credit card.

Bill would cut minimum wage to $5.44

World Music from linktv.org

Johnny Walker - The Man Who Walked Around The World
A incredible story of entrepreneurship and an incredibly well-produced video...

challenge vs skill

Local gun laws, amendment on court's agenda

The Supreme Court announced Wednesday that it will decide whether state and local gun-control laws may be challenged under the Second Amendment.
Ex-Gov. Evan Mecham dies
Controversy over King holiday, charges of corruption culminated in his ouster

Arizona Law regarding Dropouts
15 Effective Strategies for Reducing the Dropout Rate

Interesting Stuff
(great for party conversation when you run out of things to say)

by Dave Barry, Nationally Syndicated Columnist - funny

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Under Nogales
Tunnels act as highways for migrants

The subterranean smuggling routes breed chaos along U.S.-Mexico border.
Photo documentary for the article

Dr. King makes a difference. The First Amendment in use; free speech and peaceful assembly bring meaning to the 14th Amendment, equal protection.
What Would Dr. King Think?
MLK Day Focus: Freedom

Thomson's Teachertube Page
TeacherTube is a new site for sharing and hosting instructional videos. I have been using TeacherTube to share videos with my fellow teachers and other learners.
An open letter about this teacher's use of TeacherTube.com

The Tragedy of the Commons

"That which is common to the greatest number has the least care bestowed upon it." Aristotle

John Stossel's comment on the tragedy of the commons and Thanksgiving

The ultimate student search engine. Don't waste your time with too many hits form google and yahoo. Narrow it down to the best right away. Get your password from any teacher

An Open Letter to America's Students...

Will "Atlas Shrugged" Change Your Life Forever?

(I love this masterpiece of life changing world view, but The Fountainhead also by Ayn Rand changed me more. GT)

'Tis done. We have become a nation."
Benjamin Rush, on the ratification of the Constitution, letter to Boudinot, July 9, 1788

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"Don't tie yourself to your history; your history is your memory.
Tie yourself to your potential, your potential is your future and part of your imagination."
Steven Covey

Global Warming...
It's happening...

Is it a natural cycle of climate chnage
is it caused by humans and the Inconvenient Truth is that we can't let our kids ask...

"Why didn't they do something?"

Go here for the debate

"There is nothing more difficult to carry out, nor more doubtful of success, nor more dangerous to handle, than to initiate a new order of things."
Niccolo Machiavelli, The Prince

Santa Cruz Heritage Area
Click photo to enlarge

Heritage areas are facing first resistance in Congress

Student, Community, Faculty
reactions to the Senior Project 02

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McCain: Will U.S. betray its fundamental ideals?
"Are we going to continue our rich tradition of hundreds of years of welcoming new blood and new vitality to our nation? Or are we going to adopt a protectionist, isolationist attitude and policies that are in betrayal of the very fundamentals of this great nation of ours, a beacon of hope and liberty and freedom throughout the world?"
Fox on Mexican migration for employment.
"I want to show off how valuable they (migrants) are. How valuable they are to the United States as a country, how valuable they are to the American economy, how valuable they are to Mexico. They are good people, people with personal ambition, courageous people who seek progress. That is something that is respected everywhere in the world, particularly in the United States." Vicente Fox. president of Mexico on his visit to Arizona 11/03. AZ Republic 11/2/03

All published articles are reprinted for educational use to demonstrate the political and historical process. The articles are reprinted with the gracious consideration of the Washington Post, Arizona Daily Star and the Arizona Republic.

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Border issues and history
Border Issues (Republic)

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