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Bill Ideas Page

AZ Legislature 2007
Legislature by the numbers

Here's how a bill really becomes law

Bill would help make textbooks affordable
Multistate effort would tell professors of costs, changes

Defiant 70-year-old Utah woman accepts plea deal in case of neglected lawn

Critics squawk at Kentucky's move to designate fried chicken as official picnic food
Measure would limit roosters in parts of California city

Bigamy, cellphones, cloning on legislative agenda this year

A few interesting bills from the current session

Lawmakers revive plan for entrant firearms ban
Arizona lawmakers gear up for session
Budget tops list of everyone at the Capitol
AZ bill would let guns onto campuses
Ariz. House OKs stiffer DUI law
Wants ignition lock on vehicles of offenders
Illegal hires could cost employers fines, jail
Bill in Ariz. House would fund county investigations
Legislature should give Teenage Driver Safety Act a high priority
Ariz. bill on public nursing advances
All on Senate panel vote for breast-feeding rights
Bill would give couples preference in adoption Bill to limit minors' Rx is dead
Ariz. lawmaker kills proposal aimed at teens' birth control
Hot issues range from limits on jury awards to a 'junk food' ban
Great list for bill ideas
High school junk-food ban in the trash
Legislators back away from 'signature loans'
Birth control, other Rx for teens limited under bill sent to House
Teacher tax break
Bills to protect private land advance
Panel approves big Ariz. tax cuts
State bans on cohabitation continue to hang on New year to bring a passel of new laws
States tackle issues from roads to identity theft, taxes to toads
Gift-card law in the works for Arizona
Support is broad for protection of consumers on expiration, fees
School vouchers
Laws that kick in Friday hit DUIs, guns, more
Bill restricting medicine used in 'speed' advances Bill would allow guns in schools, anywhere
Concealed-weapons measure gets preliminary House OK
Speed limits could climb across state
Bill would base how fast you travel on rate used by 85% of motorist
Judge: Efforts to dilute court wrong
Some proposals to change courts
Justice criticizes lawmakers' bills ahead of speech to Legislature
Bill would let Senate veto judge choices
Bill would make deposited funds available to consumers sooner
Spyware bill aims to protect Net users
Stealth software collects data, can facilitate crime
Legislators would push cities to levy income taxes School vouchers

Virginia Senate drops droopy-pants bill
Showing underwear would have earned $50 fine

Senate passes bill that would limit class-action lawsuits

House votes to deny entrants driver licenses

Malpractice bill personal for legislator
Botched care killed her daughter, says senator opposing docs' shield

46,000 N.Y. drivers get cellphone tickets
After a year, law's effect is in doubt

Veterans exemption, Prescription drugs, State lottery, Satellite signals

Vote makes alcohol in body illegal under 21
Term Limits, medication at school, motorcycles, TV stations employees

Teens' goal: vote at age 16
Generation Now's proposal is advancing in Legislature

Hybrid cars, Pregnant students ,
Veterans' diplomas ,Hazing , Teacher

Justice lauds juror pay raise bill

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